Sustainable travel

Comfortable, future-oriented, environmentally friendly and social travel in the region

Corporate social responsibility is very natural to us. It is an integral part of our business operations. We therefore continuously use opportunities to protect the environment and make a positive contribution to the region because, to us, public transport is more than just transporting people from A to B. We also see ourselves as the region’s social connector. Our vision of corporate social responsibility is based on optimal public transport, the environment, people and society. We are therefore on the right track.

Optimal public transport

In the coming years we will focus on making the Rotterdam transport system as a whole sustainable. We want to be the ‘mobility broker’ of the Rotterdam region. 


RET has made clear promises to the customer. As an employer, we properly support our employees in order to fulfil these promises, not least because a sound future requires a sound organisation with people who wish to participate in building the future of RET and the Rotterdam region. We are on the...


Opting for public transport means opting for sustainable travel, since travelling by public transport produces far less CO2 emissions than travelling by a privately owned car. In addition, we make every effort to make our vehicles and buildings as environmentally friendly as possible.


As a company that is socially engaged, we offer more than safe, convenient and comfortable public transport. We have a long history and close ties with Rotterdam. We also want to be the region’s social connector.