Privacy policy

At various places in the website, you will be requested to provide personal details. RET handles this information with the greatest care possible and fully adheres to the demands imposed by the (Dutch) Data Protection Act (Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens).

‘Click’ behaviour

RET collects statistical information on the use of this website. This data is used to establish how many people visit the RET-website, how much time they spend on the website, which pages are visited most often, what information is most frequently downloaded, etc. In this way, we can further improve the services offered by the website. Note that the statistical research programme does not collect the personal details of those visiting the website.


Many websites, including the RET-website, make use of cookies. These are small files that get stored on the hard-drive. Cookies do not send the personal details of website visitors. They are used to speed up the rate at which the website operates. By changing the settings on your browser, you can either permit or prevent the use of cookies.

Online forms

Various forms allow you to submit questions to RET or the webmaster, and to request information about numerous projects. The details that you provide on these forms are used by RET purely to answer your questions or to send you information. Should you prefer a response by post, then we will retain your address details in order to check when the information was sent to you.

For on-line application and use of a personal OV-chipkaart, RET has arranged a separate privacy statement which you can view here. The way we process personal details with respect to the OV-chipkaart is in accordance with the Data Protection Act. RET has, furthermore, registered a customer/passenger database with the Board of Personal Information Protection.

Third party websites

The RET-website also contains links to the websites of other companies and organisations. Each company or organisation defines its own privacy policy. The RET-privacy policy is only applicable to our website and does not apply to other websites.


If you still have questions or have comments about our privacy policy, then please contact Customer Service (or ‘Klant Contact Center’ in Dutch) phone +31 (0900) 500 60 10 (€ 0,10 p/min).


RET reserves the right to make amendments to the text when necessary. Any such amendments will always be in accordance with the Data Protection Act.