In our view, public transport is more than just transporting people. We want to take our environment into account and contribute to the quality of life in the region. Our Aardig Onderweg Award is above all intended to encourage social connection between people in a challenging and inspiring way. Each year, we give this award to people from the region who are themselves on the right track with their initiative or who are helping others to get on or remain on the right track.

Preparing young people for the labour market

Our cooperation with Jinc is a source of great satisfaction. Our aim in this context is to help young people to prepare for the labour market and broaden their horizons. We regularly organise visits to different departments within RET for primary school students (groups 7 and 8) and preparatory secondary vocational education (VMBO) students (classes 1 and 2) from deprived districts. During these visits, which last for part of a day, students are given the opportunity to engage in the work actually performed. Students therefore learn about the opportunities in the labour market and the skills required to make use of these opportunities.