Convenient and comfortable travel in the southern part of the Randstad conurbation.

RET is a dynamic and modern independent public transport company that serves the southern part of the Randstad conurbation. Our aim is to offer perfectly organised public transport with the highest quality for passengers today and in the future. ‘On the right track’ says a great deal about the character of our organisation. We work to ensure convenient and comfortable travel, a fair price and service with a smile. The customer is our point of departure and our destination. We invest in excellent infrastructure, modern rolling stock, more and better facilities, and capable and service-oriented staff. We are always happy to be of assistance.

Being on the right track also means that innovation is an integral part of what we do. Operating on the basis of clearly defined objectives, we continue to improve our services. We are therefore able to offer the high level of service, quality, professionalism, public safety and customer satisfaction that we envisage. We are open to innovation and closely monitor social and technological developments. We are often a step ahead in this context.

As a social enterprise, we connect communities both logistically and socially. We have had strong ties with Rotterdam and its surrounding area for almost 150 years. These ties manifest themselves in active cooperation with other organisations in the region and the positive contribution that we make to the environment and society.