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Mission and vision


RET strives to provide perfectly organised and operated public transport that offers the highest quality to the passenger of today – and the passenger of tomorrow.


Our goal is to provide door-to-door travel within the Randstad in less than one hour in cooperation with our partners. As the top ‘mobility director’ in the Rotterdam-The Hague metropolitan region, RET achieves this and offers coverage to its entire concession area. In that same capacity as mobility director, we also bring together all mobility modes that make up the door-to-door journey. RET strives to provide perfectly organised and operated public transport that offers the highest quality to passengers. With that in mind, we feel we are ‘On the Right Track’. We work towards comfortable and worry-free travel, a good price and service with a smile. The customer is our point of departure and our destination. Because we have both the bus and rail concessions in hand, we are able to utilise the resulting efficiency benefits.

Our region will undergo drastic changes in the coming decades. More than 200,000 new homes will be built. The mobility market is changing as well. Our aim is to increase our capacity by means of high-frequency public transport, new light-rail connections and a fully-automated metro network, as well as to expand the use of innovative, safe and sustainable mobility solutions to surrounding municipalities and the areas that currently have only limited accessibility. This calls for financing options that take the limited financial resources into account – and an open mind. We create connections between demand-driven transport, shared transport concepts and other mobility services. Our ambition is
to achieve clean, CO2-neutral mobility by 2030

We invest in capable and service-oriented employees, excellent infrastructure, modern rolling stock and more and better facilities. ‘On the Right Track’ means that we are constantly striving to innovate our operations. We have a clear goal in mind and are continuously raising the bar for ourselves. This enables us to continue providing the high level of service, quality, professionalism, physical and social safety and customer satisfaction that
we have in mind.

Our company is not only a logistical connector but a social connector as well. We have had strong ties to the Rotterdam region for nearly 150 years. This is reflected in our active partnerships with other organisations in the region and in our positive impact on the environment and society. We want to add value to society in an inspiring and interactive way.