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RET makes clear promises to its customers. And as an employer, we make sure our employees have the support they need to keep those promises. After all: a healthy future calls for a healthy organisation with people who want to help build the future of RET and of the Rotterdam region. Together, we are On the Right Track! We work hard to be an attractive employer for people who are looking to go places.

We invest in our colleagues and in how we treat one another. There is space in the workplace for dialogue and individual initiative. Our colleagues can count on attractive terms of employment as well; we invest in training and development and support is available for medical issues. We are also investing in vitality. Naturally, we provide practical and mental support in instances involving aggression or violence. When recruiting new employees, we strive for diversity in terms of gender, ethnicity and age. And we give talented individuals room to pursue personal development within RET. By doing so, we want to retain good colleagues and offer them a pleasant place to work.

Thinking ahead to the future

Changing circumstances call for thinking ahead to the future. This is why, in cooperation with the Technical College, we offer a special training programme with paid apprenticeship for the maintenance technicians of tomorrow. At first glance, that might not seem so remarkable. But it is, once you realise that a large portion of the current maintenance technicians will reach retirement age in the coming years. On top of which, our newest trams, buses and metros require specialised maintenance. We want to be well-prepared for these challenges. 

We continuously monitor where in the company we are short-staffed, and where people are leaving or scheduled to retire, in order to effectively prepare for our staffing needs in the future.