The RET makes clear promises to its customers. As an employer, we support our employees to be able to live up to these promises. A healthy future requires a healthy organisation with people willing to help building the future of the RET and the Rotterdam region. We continually invest in being an attractive employer with motivated people who want to help building this future.

We invest in our colleagues and in the way we treat each other. Within our organisation, there is space for dialogue and initiative. Our colleagues can count on, among other things, good terms and conditions of employment. In addition, we invest in training and development and further support is provided by a health resource centre. We of course provide support in the event of aggression and violence. When recruiting new employees, we aim for diversity in terms gender, ethnicity and age. We give talent the scope to develop within RET.

Anticipating the future

Our commitments mean that we must anticipate the future. In cooperation with Techniek College, we therefore provide a special training course that includes a paid work placement to qualify as a maintenance technician. Although this initiative may not seem to be exceptional at first sight, it is tremendously significant when one bears in mind that a substantial part of all maintenance technicians will retire in the coming years. In addition, our new trams and metro trains require specialised maintenance. We want to be well prepared in this respect.