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As a socially engaged company, we offer more than safe, worry-free and comfortable public transport. We also have a social connection to Rotterdam.

Until 2020, RET presented the On the Right Track Award to a promising initiative in the region. In 2018 and 2019, we went looking for people with innovative, technically-advanced and sustainable solutions for making the Rotterdam region smarter, more beautiful and more sustainable. The idea was to find initiatives that were on the right track but could use a boost from us. A special COVID edition was held in 2020, in which the competition for a cash prize was replaced by a series of four episodes broadcast on RTV Rijnmond. In these episodes, past winners went in search of ways to offer people who had deeply impacted by the COVID virus a boost of their own. See below for episode 1. All episodes are available here.

On the Right Track Challenge

In 2022, RET introduced the On the Right Track Challenges. With these Challenges, RET hopes to draw attention to the advantages of travelling on public transport in Rotterdam and the surrounding area. After all: except for walking and biking, we are the most sustainable travel option. As a company, we feel a social responsibility to do everything in our power to help make the Rotterdam region – and the Netherlands as a whole – a more sustainable place. 

Preparing young people for the job market

Another major source of satisfaction for us is our partnership with Jinc. Through this programme, we support young people as they prepare for the job market and encourage them to broaden their horizons. This involves organising frequent mini-internships in various RET departments for children in the last two years of primary school and pupils from the first and second year of pre-vocational secondary school who live in underprivileged neighbourhoods. That way, we can help them learn about job-market possibilities and the skills you need for different jobs.