Everything at RET is about bringing passengers quickly, comfortably and safely to their destinations. Each day, hundreds of employees work to ensure the safety of passengers. These employees ensure that our customers can feel safe and relaxed during the entire trip. The safety that we provide is based on good training, cooperation and professional camera surveillance.

Human work

Safety is human work. A considerable number of employees are involved in the safe transport of our passengers. In addition to bus, tram and metro drivers, supervisors like conductors, ticket inspectors, surveillance officers and managers of metro stations play a key role in the way in which safety is experienced at stops, stations and in the vehicles. We assist passengers en route by providing current information through our own employees and also by means of the internet and display screens in the vehicles, for example. We train our professionals each year so that they can continue to provide service with a smile also in difficult situations. In addition, we provide the ‘Relaxed Travel’ course four times a year for passengers who have anxieties about using metro services. 

Dealing with incidents

It is important to us that our passengers feel safe, also during late hours. Thousands of cameras at the stations and in all vehicles help us to monitor situations. We record and analyse incidents using our information system. This makes it possible for us to take targeted measures. We deploy special investigating officers at locations at which many fare dodgers board, for example, and public transport surveillance officers have been exercising supervision in metro trains in addition to conductors since 2011. All of these measures are having a positive effect. 


As a company that has close ties with the city and Rotterdam region, we are always sensitive to current issues in the community. We cooperate with municipalities, give lessons at schools as guest teachers and take area-based action with the police and the City Management Department. We cooperate with HTM, The Hague’s public transport company, on the RandstadRail network. Furthermore, we deploy additional personnel on public holidays and when major events are taking place to ensure adequate and high-quality transport services. We listen to our customers, regularly carry out studies and implement improvements. In this context, we equip the stations with all conveniences and keep our vehicles and stations clean and in good working order, since a pleasant environment contributes to a pleasant trip. We are on the right track.