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Excellent public transport

RET aims to continuously improve the Rotterdam transport system as a whole. AT RET, we are proud of our focus on the future and our no-nonsense Rotterdam mentality. Every year, tens of millions of passengers step in and out of our buses, trams and metros. This is normal to us, because it is what we do everyday. We also work every day to get one step closer to the public transport of tomorrow. Things are good today, but there is always room for improvement. Even better accessibility and even more comfortable public transport for our customers – that is the future we hope to build. In the same way we have always done.


Despite COVID-19, we continued to work toward our goal of further improving our public transport. Yet at the same time, the pandemic made it necessary for RET to adjust its timetables and how and when we deploy conductors. These are painful measures that we would have preferred to avoid. Unfortunately, they were necessary in order to retain our financial health. In addition (and due in part to the pandemic), it has become a challenge to keep enough vehicles and colleagues in service. We are working hard to resolve this issue.

Regional partnerships

Together with other organisations, we are actively seeking possibilities for developing different means of transportation. Or to offer existing services in combination with alternatives. By doing so, we can achieve door-to-door transport. Personal transport and public transport will become much better aligned. For example: it will become easier for passengers arriving at hubs to transfer from their car to public transport, or from public transport to a shared bicycle or scooter for the final portion of their travel within the city. Alternative means of transportation represent an opportunity for us to offer a more flexible and diverse range of services.

More and better facilities

We are improving the services we offer in other areas as well. First and foremost, we are doing so by improving our network. In 2019, for instance, we opened the Hoekse Line, which immediately exceeded all expectations in terms of passenger volume. Soon, when we complete the last stretch of track to the sea, passengers will be able to travel from Rotterdam's city centre to the boulevard and the beach in Hoek van Holland. Secondly, we are improving access to our services, including digital access. That includes the barcode app, Mobility as a Service and innovative new payment methods.