Using public transport means sustainable travel. The RET wants to do everything within its scope to contribute to sustainability in the Rotterdam region and in The Netherlands.

RET ‘energy positive’ in 2030

Together with our energy supplier Eneco we are working toward becoming ‘energy positive’ in 2030: then, we want to produce more energy than we use. We will do that by using 100% green electricity generated in The Netherlands. Besides that, we will install solar panels on the roofs of several RET buildings. With an electricity usage that equals the consumption of more than 40.000 households, we value using green electricity.

Zero emission bus fleet

Another pillar of our sustainability plan is our transition toward a 100% zero emission bus fleet in 2030. In 2019, we introduced the first batch of 55 fully electric buses, and in the years to come, we will electrify our entire fleet. During the transition period, we also operate hybrid and efficient diesel buses.

Other examples of sustainability policies at RET include investments in a sustainable car fleet, energy neutral and circular building, and improving energy efficiency.