We attach great importance to a better environment in the region. We transport 80% of our passengers by tram and metro train. These are electric vehicles that are powered entirely by green energy. Our diesel buses meet the most stringent environmental requirements. As a participant of the European ‘Ticket to Kyoto’ project, we work to achieve further energy savings and reduce the emission of harmful gases. To achieve these aims, we use the energy released when a tram or metro train brakes, for example.

We also take relatively simple measures like motion sensors for the efficient use of lights and escalators in stations, green roofs to insulate station buildings and energy-saving LED lighting. Our drivers drive in a more energy-efficient way, we have a number of electric vehicles and, with all of its technical systems and equipment, our Beverwaard tram depot is one of the most sustainable in Europe. Our depot is an example to the rest of Europe in the European ‘Tramstore 21’ project.