Excellent public transport

At RET, we like to take a uniquely Rotterdam approach to making our vision of the future a reality. Almost 190 million passengers board and disembark from our buses, trams and metro trains each year. We consider this normal because managing our rolling stock and infrastructure to serve passengers is what we do every day. In addition, we work every day on the public transport of the future. Although it may be going well today, there is always room for improvement in terms of providing even greater accessibility and even more comfortable public transport to our customers. This is the future that we want to make a reality, as we have always done.

Cooperation in the region

Together with other organisations, we are therefore actively looking for opportunities to develop other modes of transport or to offer existing services in combination with alternatives. We aim to achieve door-to-door services, for example. Private transport and public transport will be far more closely linked. Alternative modes of transport constitute an opportunity to offer more flexible and varied services.

More and better facilities

We will invest in good Park and Ride facilities and bicycle parks, and in increasing the use of Metro Line E services. Metro Line B will offer rail services to Hook of Holland from 2017. This means that the city of Rotterdam will have a direct metro connection with the beach.